Your Superpowers

“Rose, what an amazing gift! I really found your insights helpful and liberating. Specifically, I have not allowed reading to be a part of my writing time. But, I’m so appreciative of this understanding of my strengths which allows me to build in reading and thinking with my writing time. Thank you!!” — Associate Professor


Q: What’s the difference between a strength and a superpower?
A: “Strength” is the official language Gallup uses to describe what happens when you hone your natural talents by learning about and practicing them. While I often use the two terms interchangeably, superpower evokes something special that very few others possess. It’s much more delicious, too.

Q: Why should I bother with the assessment? Isn’t it a standardized test?
A: You can read all about the test design here. As with all tests, the problem with it is how you use it, not necessarily the test itself. We each have unique gifts and talents that we often cannot see ourselves—they only become obvious when you find out that others do not have them. Once you realize you have this superpower, you can embrace it and embrace your unique writing process. Your writing process can then become more enjoyable because you’re no longer working against yourself.

Q: Can my video focus on things other than writing?
A: Absolutely! Before I prepare my video, I welcome general or specific guidance on your preferred focus for the video. For example, if you’re wondering about ways to approach your daily/weekly calendar, I can focus on that rather than your specific writing needs.

Q: Can you make a video for my partner? My mother? My cat?
A: If your cat can take an online assessment, I’d love to create a video for them. Seriously, though, I’ve had my partner, mother, brother, and friends take the assessment, and it’s been quite illuminating for them and for me. For example, though my partner and I have many overlapping strengths, he’s high in Adaptability, while I’m high in Discipline. Once we named and understood these superpowers, it became so much easier to work remotely together from home. You can gift it as a gift to both of you!

Q: Why do you want my top 10 strengths? I thought we’d only use the top 5.
A: A Gallup trainer described using your top 5 strengths as akin to building a house with one hand behind your back. You can do it, but it would be a lot easier with two hands. I find that the complete picture of your superpowers emerges when you look at your top 10, or even your top 15.

Q: What are your strengths?
A: Thanks for asking! Here are my top 10 in order: Achiever | Connectedness | Relator | Learner | Individualization | Empathy | Developer | Intellection | Discipline | Positivity.

Your Superpowers Video

What: An hour-long video detailing your individual superpowers/strengths and how to use them.

Who: Me! I’ll sit down with your 34 strengths report–after you take the assessment–and will prepare a video for you.

How: If you’ve already taken your Clifton Strengths 34 Assessment, you’ll just send me the report with any questions or areas of focus. Then I’ll create the video and will send it to you within a few weeks.

If you haven’t taken your assessment, then I’ll send you a code to take the assessment through the Gallup website, and then we’ll follow the above steps.

Offer available through March 2022.

If you’re outside the United States, please email me.

Questions? Email me at