Editing Services & Rates

Why Work with Me?

In addition to my editing experience, I’ve been a tenured professor and chair of a department. I’ve worked in academia for over 18 years. My service work included Rank & Tenure and many hiring committees. I continue to have an active scholarly agenda and therefore know a great deal about the research, writing, and publication process. 

If you are looking for the least expensive editing service, then you would be correct to look elsewhere. I devote my energy and time to clients who will most benefit from my considerable experience. If you need support in finding funds, read my article about this topic: 5 Ways to Find Funds for Academic Editing.

“I just wanted to update you that I got an advanced contract offer from Toronto, and Yale University Press is doing an expedited review.  Without a doubt, this has a lot to do with your help. I thank you again.”–Postdoctoral Fellow

Levels of Editing

Stylistic Editing

Stylistic editing focuses on line-by-line revision.

  • Clarity, style, and flow
  • Punctuation, spelling, redundancies, and wordiness
  • References and citations upon request

Sample edits are available here and here. I also include memo responses with edits summarizing possible changes. 

Developmental Editing

Watch my video about developmental editing.

Developmental editing addresses the structure of your article or book.

You’re struggling with the flow of your argument, use of evidence, or identifying an audience. You’ve finished a draft of your article, but are feeling stuck about how to proceed. You’ve read your article one hundred times and have lost all perspective on whether it is ready for submission.

If any of these scenarios resonate, developmental editing might be for you.

I will also help you identify concrete tasks to help you move forward. My goal is to support you in publishing your best workwith warm and constructive feedback.

Manuscript Assessment

If you don’t need the hands-on approach of a developmental edit, then a manuscript assessment may be useful. While a developmental edit (DE) involves active suggestions about how to improve the manuscript, a manuscript assessment is a memo highlighting the strong portions of the manuscript and places where it could improve. I do not offer concrete suggestions about how to fix these issues: I’m simply identifying issues to address in your next round of revision. 

Are you unsure about which type of editing you need? I’d be happy to chat about your project. Email me at rose@roseernst.net.


Services Offered

Note: Graduate students receive a 10% savings.


Individual Articles & Chapters (8,000-10,000 words)

  • Stylistic Edit: $400-500
  • Developmental Edit: $500-600
  • Combined Developmental and Stylistic Edit: $600-700
  • Manuscript Assessment: $300



  • Stylistic Edit: $2000-3500
  • Developmental Edit: $2500-4000
  • Combined Service: $4000-5000


Book Prospectus 

  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Includes two 30-minute phone consultations
  • Includes stylistic and developmental edit
  • $400-500


Book Manuscripts

  • Inquire about full book manuscripts
  • Manuscript Assessment, Stylistic Edit, and Developmental Edit


Fellowship Application

  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Stylistic & Developmental Edit
  • 2-6 pages: $300-500


Job Cover Letter

  • Stylistic & Developmental Edit: $200


Tenure & Promotion Documents

  • Stylistic & Developmental Edit
  • Opening Statement: $200-300
  • Scholarship Statement: $200-400
  • Teaching Statement: $200-400
  • Service Statement: $200-400


*Inquire about syllabi services

If these services do not meet your needs, please contact me at rose@roseernst.net.

Turnaround time: typically two to three weeks, depending on the size of the project. Rush fees apply if I’m available to complete it in under two weeks.


Independent Publishing Assistance

In addition to publishing with a university press, I’ve independently published 11 fiction books and one non-fiction book. Independent publishing can supplement traditional academic publishing and is a fantastic way to reach a broader audience. If you’re interested in exploring this option, set up a free consultation call.

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