Editing Services & Rates

Editing Services:


Stylistic/Line Editing: $30 per 1000 words (minimum 1000 words)

Developmental Editing: $40 per 1000 words (minimum 1000 words)

Description of Services

Stylistic Editing

Stylistic editing focuses on line-by-line revision.

  • Clarity, style, and flow
  • Punctuation, spelling, redundancies, and wordiness
  • References and citations upon request

A sample edit available here and here. I also include memo responses with edits that provide an overview of possible changes. 

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing addresses the structure of your article or book.

You’re struggling with the flow of your argument, use of evidence, or identifying an audience. You’ve finished a draft of your article, but are feeling stuck about how to proceed. You’ve read your article one hundred times and have lost all perspective on whether it is ready for submission.

If any of these scenarios resonate, developmental editing might be for you.

I can also help you identify concrete tasks to help you move forward in your writing if you find this hands-on approach helpful. My goal is to support you in publishing your best workwith warm and constructive feedback.


Sample Types of Projects 

  • Articles
  • Book manuscripts
  • Book Proposals
  • Cover letters (beginning July 2019)
  • Fellowship Applications
  • Institutional Review Board Applications
  • Tenure files (beginning July 2019)

Not sure which type of editing you need? I’d be happy to chat about your project before you decide. 

Turnaround time: typically two to three weeks, depending on the size of the project. Rush fees apply if I am available to complete it in under two weeks. 

*Changing deadlines: We all know how difficult it is to estimate how long a project will take. As an editor, however, I have to juggle a number of time-sensitive projects. In most cases, I can accommodate a change in schedule, though a significant delay may incur a 10% late fee. Thanks for understanding!