University Services

University Services

The creation of faculty development centers has been a step forward in supporting faculty in producing their best work on a reliable schedule. While some of these centers have lists of editors available for hire, faculty are still on their own to find, select, and pay for editors. Some faculty members do not even know that editors are available and ready to help them with the structure and development of their work. Others may be nervous that colleagues will judge them for seeking assistance.

I offer a service to universities that removes these administrative challenges of cumbersome processes for individual faculty seeking support. As a consulting editor with a department, college, or university, I provide a monthly ‘in-house’ service of writing coaching, consulting, developmental editing, and line editing.

Faculty will be able to contact me individually and confidentially for editing services in this model. Administrators may wish to set a monthly or yearly limit as to how many hours an individual member of the faculty may work with me.

I offer reasonable rates for universitiesplease contact me for further information.