Revise & Resubmit

Revise & Resubmit Service

Did you receive a confusing, or perhaps distressing, revise and resubmit letter? Or have you just submitted an article and want some support when you receive a reply?

I find the R&R process to be one of the more arcane parts of the academic publishing process—much like student evaluations of teachers. We often receive a range of different kinds of feedback, and it can be overwhelming to sort through it when we are tied so closely to our work.

Here are your options for an average manuscript (8,000-10,000 words):

Should I Resubmit? We can talk through (30-minute phone call) whether you want to complete substantial revisions or submit the article to another journal. This requires me to read the article and reviews in advance. ($250-$300)

I Want to Resubmit: I’ll read reviews and provide a report on the salient points to address in revisions. This includes a 30-minute phone call with follow-up notes. ($400-$450)

Is the Article Ready to Resubmit? I’ll read reviews, your response letter, and the revised article to ensure you’ve addressed the reviewer/editor’s requests. This includes a 30-minute phone call with follow-up notes. ($350-$400)

Looking for a response memo template? Try this one!

Turnaround time: typically two to three weeks. Rush fees apply if I am available to complete it in under two weeks. 

If you need structural and/or stylistic editing, please see my rates for general editing services.

*Changing deadlines: We all know how difficult it is to estimate how long a project will take. As an editor, however, I have to juggle a number of time-sensitive projects. In most cases, I can accommodate a change in schedule, though a significant delay may incur a 10% late fee. Thanks for understanding!