8 Weeks to Rock Your R&R:
A Self-Paced Path

Have you read your R&R comments but don’t know how to proceed?

Have you read your R&R comments but feel like you’ll waste your time resubmitting?

Have you received your first R&R?

Are you tired of your approach to an R&R? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Rock Your R&R is for you!

Introduction: Framing Feedback 

Week 1: Making a Decision

Week 2: Feedback from Rose

Week 3: Map Out Your Revision

Week 4: Feedback from Rose

Week 5: Time to Implement

Week 6: Major Changes Continued

Week 7: Time to Resubmit!

Week 8: Feedback from Rose


Ready to complete your R&R in 8 weeks?

All modules are self-paced

Year-long access on Mighty Networks

Rose provides personalized feedback at 3 key points


Email Rose at rose@roseernst.net to see if you’d benefit from the program.