Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure what kind of editing I need. Can you help me figure it out?

Absolutely! Why should you be an expert about different levels of editing? Feel free to send along the manuscript and describe what kind of outcome you want from the project. You can also watch my extensive overview of developmental editing here.

I’d like to talk through my directions rather than write an email. Can I do that?

Yes. I enjoy connecting via zoom (I set up the appointmentyou just click a link) to discuss your project either before or after we begin a project. 

I have a limited budget. What should I do?

Academics are often on a tight budget. My rates are set, but perhaps we can figure out a way to make sure we stay within your budget. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Why is editing expensive in general?

Rather than focusing on the cost per word or hour, you might ask yourself the following questions. How much is it worth to have a readable dissertation? How much is it worth to publish this article and come one step closer to tenure? How much is it worth to have my time freed up so I can operate in my “zone of genius” (Gay Henricks, The Big Leap)? If you’re a student or a professor, think about how much it costs to enroll in a college class or attend a professional conference. Balance that against the value of editing and moving toward publication.

I have an article ready to go, but I’m not sure where to submit it? Can you help me figure that out?

Possibly. If you’re in the humanities and social sciences, I may be able to help you with this task. Contact me to discuss further.