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Writing Coaching & Consulting

Set up time to meet via phone or zoom to talk through your writing challenges. We can talk about a particular project, or we can set up regular meetings to discuss ways to enhance your writing productivity, joy, and momentum.

“Can I work with you forever?” — Assistant Professor, Communications 

In addition to my editing experience, I’ve been a tenured professor and chair of a department. I’ve worked in academia for over 18 years. My service work included Rank & Tenure and many hiring committees. I continue to have an active scholarly agenda and therefore know a great deal about the research, writing, and publication process (in addition to indie publishing seven novels). I’ve had plenty of experience navigating and supporting others navigate challenging institutional scenarios.

I’ve found that most academics begin this process with consulting about specific writing content challenges. We often move toward coaching as a more holistic approach to writing as a part of your larger scholarly (and regular) life. Those of us who don’t conform to dominant norms or have dominant identities in academia often experience a cumulative negative impact on our ability to trust ourselves. Coaching is a process of uncovering, trusting, and reasserting that voice.


People who have inspired my writing coaching and consulting:

Kerry Ann Rockquemore @ National Center for Faculty Diversity & Development

Meggin McIntosh

Tara Mohr

Hourly Rates

This can be a great way to start working together. Please note that I must prioritize scheduling those clients who choose packages (below). If you have a special project that doesn’t fit those listed below, please contact me and we’ll put something together!

$150 an hour (free 30-minute exploratory call)

$120 an hour for graduate students (free 30-minute exploratory call)



Special Coaching & Consulting Packages

Writing Momentum

  • Two sessions a month (60-minute sessions)
  • Email consultations
  • One full edit (developmental or stylistic) of 8,000 words 
  • Trello planning board to track progress together
  • Additional writing resources tailored to your needs
  • $1400 for three months

Dissertation Coaching

  • Three sessions a month (60-minute sessions)
  • One full edit (developmental or stylistic) of 8,000 words
  • Email consultations
  • Trello planning board
  • $1400 for three months 

How to Write an Article

  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Three coaching/consulting sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Personal Trello board project to track progress together
  • Developmental editing as we go along
  • Email consultation
  • $1800

Semester Plan

  • Two 30-minute consultations (before and after plan)
  • Personal Trello board with detailed steps and plan
  • $175

Project Organization: Article or Chapter

  • Two 30-minute consultations (before and after plan)
  • Personal Trello board with detailed steps and plan
  • $200

Project Organization: Book

  • Two 30-minute consultations (before and after plan)
  • Multiple personal Trello boards with detailed steps and plan
  • Two followup 30-minute consultations when you’re ready
  • $500

Tenure Consulting & Planning

  • Two coaching/consulting sessions a month (60 minutes each)
  • Tenure planning: personal Trello boards so we can track progress together
  • Email consultation in between sessions, as needed
  • $500 a month
  • $1400 for three months


If you’re curious about how we might approach organizing your projects, watch this webinar my colleague and I recently presented for the Textbook & Academic Authors Association. Enjoy!

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